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How to be Happy & Stay That Way With Little Effort

“Frequent small pleasures are better than a few big ones.”

Common sense would suggest that it’s better to have a lot of intense moments of extreme happiness rather than fewer, but researchers have found that this isn’t the case. In fact, it seems that frequent small pleasures and relatively few negative experiences may be both necessary and sufficient to produce happiness.


In three separate studies, investigators assessed the level of happiness of subjects, each study using a different happiness scale, and then tracked the mood of the subjects at random times throughout the day and at the end of each day over a period of six to eight weeks by paging them to record their moods in a notebook.

What they found was that the self-reported frequency of happy moods reported by the subjects was more highly correlated to the happiness assessments than the intensity of their happiness. According to best homework help websites individuals who reported feeling happy over 80% of the time but who had very few or no highly intense moments of happiness were all determined to be very happy by the assessments scores. Individuals who reported feeling less than happy more than 50% of the time were all assessed to be unhappy – even though they reported relatively more moments of very high positive happiness.

In fact, all of the subjects from the three studies who reported that they frequently felt happy scored highly on every measure of assessed happiness, independent of the intensity of their happy moods. Conversely, every subject who reported feeling less than happy most of the time scored as unhappy on every one of the assessments. According ask homework questions online free service this suggests that being in a happy mood most of the time is necessary to being happy. Although the data was consistent with it, there wasn’t enough of it at the extremes to solidly conclude that a happy mood most of the time is sufficient (i.e., all that is needed) to be happy.

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